Stand Still

Well, what a morning! 

Alarm goes off at 6am and then it’s GO, GO, GO until the kids leave the house in a flurry of lunch boxes, PE kit and “have you got a mask???”

I wonder what your morning has been like. 

What has the mood been like in your home so far? 

What have you stopped to notice?

How are you? 

Really, how are you?

Sorry, I do have a habit of asking a lot of questions – I am a coach!

And I do really care about your answers. Even if its just you hearing your answers – that really matters.

Sometimes we just need to stand still for a bit. 

Re-centre our senses. 

Check-in with our thoughts and feelings. 

Notice where we are, what’s going on and how we are showing up.

I definitely do not get it right all the time – I’m amazed by how frustrated I can get by our pussy cat when he’s simply asking for his breakfast (something he can’t get for himself!). 

So, I’m nicely reminded of a wonderful quote…

“The only person you need to be better than, is the person you were yesterday”

I love that. 

That feels like something I can do and want to do!

So, I take the time to reflect. 

Time to recharge and recreate – who I am, what I do and how I go about it.

I invite you to do the same. What steps have you taken so far?

This morning…
This week…
This month…
This year….

Sometimes to move forward, we have to look back and see how far we’ve already come. 

And if you don’t want to do that – at least, take a break and STOP for a bit.

Even our hamster gets off her wheel every now and then 😊

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