Mindset: Abundance or Scarcity

Somewhere in the UK is a EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot Winner!

£109.9 million pounds!

That is an insane amount of money – just imagine the good you could do with that.

Now, whether you’re daydreaming of what you would do with the winnings or you were frantically searching for your ticket, I like you to consider this question.

Do you live with a mindset of scarcity or a mindset of abundance?

A scarcity mindset believes that there is only a certain amount available; things will run out, one person wins, and the other person loses.

An abundance mindset believes that there is, and always will be, plenty for everyone; endless options; lots of choices and always enough resources.

For a long time, I think I lived with a scarcity mindset. It kept me stuck for many years. I was afraid to take risks, afraid to give too much money away, worried about investing in my own development etc.

To move into a mindset of abundance, I did a few things which I hope may inspire you in some way: –

 1) I always remember to be grateful for everything I currently have and the person I am today.

2) I focus on my inner dialogue, and I listen out for any scarcity language – and then I reframe it. I heard Tony Robbins recently say “I can’t ,becomes I must…”.

3) I took stock of every skill, knowledge and ability that I had and I started to fully appreciate these things.

4) When I started my business, I spoke to others doing the same thing as me. I was so surprised that there is such a feeling of “there’s plenty out there for everyone”. I am driven by wanting to help others, help people to find their real purpose & direction in life. With 7.9 billion people in the world – I think I can help a few!

5) I work with a partnership approach… in whatever conversations I have, I try to work as a thinking partner. We all get to win! I’m not in competition and I don’t have to achieve anything. I can’t lose.

Now back to that lottery dilemma… I heard recently Dean Graziosi say “money doesn’t bring you happiness… that’s because you haven’t given enough away yet!”. 

BOOM, mike drop!

That’s a mindset of abundance. 

There’s always enough of everything to go around.

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