Feb 9 2022

Mindset: Abundance or Scarcity

Somewhere in the UK is a EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot Winner! £109.9 million pounds! That is an insane amount of money – just imagine the good ...
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Feb 3 2022

A Wonderful World

What a wonderful world we live in!   I know, sometimes we experience **** times but ultimately, I always try to find the good in ...
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Jan 22 2022

Happiness is an inside job

“Happiness is a day. It’s called Friday” If Monday was “BLUE” we need to finish this week on a high 😊 My message today is simple.  ...
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Jan 13 2022

January 2022 – who needs a holiday?

It’s the 13 January, 2022 and I already feel like I need another holiday! Anyone else? Sometimes (read often) I have to constantly remind myself ...
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Jan 4 2022

2022 – Discover Your Why?

Do you ever ask yourself WHY? Before we get into that, I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you ...
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Dec 23 2021

End of 2021 – Xmas hols!

I’m starting my Christmas Holidays today!  Whoop Whoop… So let me “wrap” this year up nicely by reflecting on what has been my greatest achievement ...
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Dec 17 2021

Stand Still

Well, what a morning!  Alarm goes off at 6am and then it’s GO, GO, GO until the kids leave the house in a flurry of ...
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Dec 10 2021

T’is the season to be jolly

T'is the season to be jolly...... Is it? Personally, I do love Christmas time. The whole build up; the dark nights; the sparkly lights. It's wonderful. ...
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Dec 6 2021

Kids! Who’d have them?!?!

Kids! Who’d have em?? Well, I do!!   And most of the time, they’re a pleasure to have around (important to note in case they read ...
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Dec 1 2021

“Be your own coach”

"Be your own coach!" These words were said to me by my son. He was about 12 years old at the time.  A wise young ...
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