January 2022 – who needs a holiday?

It’s the 13 January, 2022 and I already feel like I need another holiday!

Anyone else?

Sometimes (read often) I have to constantly remind myself that I can take care of myself whenever I need too. 

I can put my needs first. 

I can take time to do a mindfulness session on my Calm app (other apps also available).

I can get outside for a walk and feel the benefit of having some fresh air.

I can just STOP and REST.

I don’t need to wait for next Christmas or the next holiday to feel the benefit of pacing myself in a healthy and caring way. 

Thanks to my wonderful friend Mariyam Holbrook, I have just been reminded of all of these things.

So, it is with care & love for each of you, that I share this message so that you may also take the time to recognise what you need and make sure you do it.

Start 2022 as you mean to go on… the year of encouragement (for self & others).

I’d love to hear how you get re-energised, feel free to share below.

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