Happiness is an inside job

“Happiness is a day. It’s called Friday”

If Monday was “BLUE” we need to finish this week on a high 😊

My message today is simple. 

I’ve reflected on the conversations I’ve had all week and there’s been a definite theme. The idea of giving yourself a gift.

Underneath it all, we all know what we need to feel better; happier; healthier etc.

So, what GIFT can you give yourself today?  It doesn’t have to cost any money (or it can, you choose) but what gift can you give yourself this week? And what gift will you give yourself next week?

Actually, why wait for a whole week to past, I say give yourself a daily gift!!

The gift I’m going to give myself is to have a moment of CALM – sorry didn’t mean to shout that, just want it to stand out. 

It’s been a busy week and I’m ready to stop, have some peace & quiet and be calm.   

Oh, and I’ll probably have a cup of tea! Quietly with no other distractions.

Enjoy your gifts too – however you choose to celebrate!

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