Kids! Who’d have them?!?!

Kids! Who’d have em??

Well, I do!!  

And most of the time, they’re a pleasure to have around (important to note in case they read this at some point 😉).

Seriously though, a lot of us have kids. 

And love them. 

And get frustrated by them. 

And love them.

Even though the “little cherubs” know exactly the right buttons to press at exactly the right time.  

We love them!

So, it got me thinking.

How do we find out how to be good parents? How do we role model and guide them through life so that they end up being decent human beings.

How do we know what to trust when there’s so much guidance and opinion out there?  

For me, I started with the question: what does good look like?

For example, when my kids are all grown up and fully independent, they would WANT to pop round for a cup of tea with me. That would be a mark of success in my book. 

So, how can I be that parent? 

Like me, you may have read loads of books over the years; listened to podcasts; binge watched Super Nanny etc and come to the conclusion: ‘It starts with ME’!

By looking first at myself, I can help them.  
·      I help them to grow & mature. 
·      I help them by getting out of their way. 
·      I help them by forgiving myself when I get things wrong*

*And we all get it wrong sometimes. That’s normal and its ok.

As a parent I wanted to learn more for myself, for my own children and to help others.

So, I got trained up.

Learnt a bunch of stuff I wish I’d learnt much earlier, and, because of the amazing Jo Reeves PCC and Maria Richardson at Barefoot Coaching Ltd, I am now able to offer…

PARENT AND FAMILY LIFE COACHING for individuals, couples, groups and businesses. 

…. And in doing so, I hope to avoid my next message (or my legacy) being, “Parents! Who’d have em??”

So, over to you. What does good look like to you? 

And if you want to explore that with me, I’d be happy to chat.  

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