Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!
Friday is a wonderful day, isn’t it?

For many of us it marks two important things: –
·      It’s the end of the working week (hooray!)
·      It’s the start of the weekend (hooray!!)
…And it’s also a perfect day to reflect. 

Reflection is SO easy to do but we often forget to do it.
So, get yourself comfortable; grab whatever you need, make your space, your own and reflect! 
Ready? Go!
These questions should help…
·      What has gone well this week? Don’t be shy, what has gone well for you? What did you do to make it go well? Well done you!
·      What could have gone better? There’s usually something. Dig as deep as you want to.
·      What will you do differently next week? Capture one thing…. Or three if you’re up for the challenge.
·      How will you celebrate your successes? Something that acknowledges and rewards you.
That wasn’t so bad, was it?
When we reflect, we enable change in our behaviours and our lives.
Large or small, it all matters.
It all has an impact on you, the people around you and what you achieve in life.
Let me know how it goes for you. What have you learnt about yourself this week?

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