Nov 23 2021

Do you have a minute?

I absolutely love simplicity! 'The New One Minute Manager' Ken Blanchard builds even more around the importance of side-by-side leadership which is critical for success and engagement ...
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Nov 1 2021

What do you want?

Depending on the type of day you’re having, will have an impact on how you hear that question! Let me explain my tone of voice ...
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Oct 22 2021

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Friday is a wonderful day, isn’t it? For many of us it marks two important things: - ·      It’s the end of the working ...
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Sep 27 2021


You ready?  Trust me, this is a good one…. I believe we all have a purpose in life.   A purpose which is unique to only ...
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Sep 1 2021


The year of radical change! So here I am writing a blog for the very first time – but what got me here? I simply ...
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