“Be your own coach”

“Be your own coach!”

These words were said to me by my son. He was about 12 years old at the time.  A wise young man even then. 

The back story? 

I’d asked him to help me do my HIIT workout – you know count down the seconds; mop my brow; pick me up off the floor and provide me with the motivation to get on and do it! 

With hindsight, that was a lot of expectation to put on a young pair of shoulders…

Anyway, he agreed to help, but by the time I’d got my gym gear on, he was comfy on the sofa, TV on and he uttered those incredibly empowering words


It wasn’t said in anger at all. It was simply encouraging, motivating, and empowering. 

Well, that’s how I heard it 😊

Now after many years of training and practicing as a coach myself, I know how impactful having a great coach can be in your life.

Lives are transformed. For the better.

I believe that part of the experience of collaborating with a great coach, is that you end up being skilled to coach yourself.  

Brilliant – where do you start?

First, you learn the questions to ask yourself and you learn to really listen to yourself. 

So, what questions to ask? You could start with these: –

·     What do you really want? 
·     What difference will this make to your life?
·     What would be the first 3 things you would do?
·     When are you going to start?

The questions are easy. 
The answers are sometimes easy. 
The doing? 
That’s where the challenge is and it’s also where the transformation is.

If you’d like to explore how I could support you to achieve your goals in life, simply get in touch.

That could be your first step.

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